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Brief history and overview of the program

The Miss Teen Texas Program, created by then Miss Texas Pageant, Inc. Chairman B. Don Magness in 1990, was sponsored by the Miss Texas Local Franchise Association.  This Association was comprised of franchise holders whose local representatives competed in the Miss Texas Pageant.

Magness felt there should be a program – for girls between 13 and 17 – that would encourage and reward talent, healthy living, communication skills, community service and academic achievement.  The program also would provide these young women the opportunity to be better prepared as they moved into the “Miss” competition age group.  Unlike the Miss Texas and Miss America Pageants, there would be no swimwear competition.

Since the first teen titleholder was selected, four winners have gone on to win the Miss Texas title:

After Texas having a teen program for 15 years, the Miss America Organization sponsored their first national competition in Orlando – Miss America’s Outstanding Teen.
Interestingly, Texas’ own Meghan Miller made history in 2006 when she was selected the first ever Miss America’s Outstanding Teen. Then a 17-year-old from Beaumont, she was the recipient of a $30,000 scholarship and also won preliminary awards in Evening Wear and in Talent for her ventriloquism performance of "Dummies in a Disney Daze." 

Contestant information

To become Miss Teen Texas, a contestant must first win a local competition, a process requiring personal commitment, hard work and talent. To compete you must:

Click here to view a list of local competitions and contact information for each.

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