Miss Allen's Outstanding Teen: Liz Pospisil

Title: Allen

Name: Liz Pospisil

Hometown: Plano

Age: 17

Talent: Tap Dance

Platorm Topic: Stepping Out of the Shadows: Using Hope to Combat Teen Depression

Sponsor: Miss Allen's Scholarship Organization

Executive Director: Chris and Alex Martin

Hobbies: Scuba Diving, Creative writing, Tap Dancing, Motorcycling, Directing, Theatre, Snow Skiing

What makes you special and unique: Even though I technically just finished my junior year of high school, I also just finished my first year of college. I am a student at Texas Academy of Math and Science, at the University of North Texas. I live on campus, take classes with other college students, and have gained knowledge about myself from the experiences. By doing my own laundry, going grocery shopping without supervision, and holding myself accountable for how I spend my time, I have experienced tremendous personal growth.  I feel so blessed to be part of such a wonderful program.

Workout routine: Because my talent is dance, I get to dance as part of my regime to keep me in shape. I also do regular cardio at UNT’s advanced rec center (The elliptical machines use the mechanical energy generated by working out to help power the school!), but sometimes even that can get monotonous. To shake things up, I love hula hooping in my dorm room! It's a great study break because it gets me on my feet, and I have a ton of fun, too! What a bonus!