Miss Alamo City's Outstanding Teen: Presley Elena Rae Price

Title: Alamo City

Name: Presley Elena Rae Price

Hometown: San Antonio

Age: 15

Talent: Jazz Dance

Platorm Topic: TABout -Teens Against Bullying: Be a Voice Not an Echo / Do Not Be A Bystander

Sponsor: Mr. and Mrs. Bobby and Leticia Price and family

Executive Director: Glenn Fox

Hobbies: Softball, Scuba Diving, Hunting, Fishing, Watching Movies and Listening to Music

Best advice you ever received: My parents provided me with the best  advice I have ever received, "in a world where you can be anything, be yourself".  This advice has taught me to always be a confident individual and to be proud of who I am.  This has also taught me to be leader and always strive to do my best.

Secret wish: I have always wanted to be able to speak with a British accent.  I think the accent sounds so cute and funny.