Miss Tarrant County: Ivana Hall

Title: Tarrant County

Name: Ivana Hall

Hometown: Cedar Hill

Age: 22

Talent: Song and Dance:"Sway"

Platorm Topic: HIV / AIDS Resources: Each One Reach Out To One

Sponsor: Miss North Texas Scholarship Organization

Executive Director: Dan and Shellie Bates

Hobbies: Volunteer: DIFFA (Designer Industry Foundation Fighting AIDS); discussing governmental, political and social issues; singing, dancing, being an aunt to my nephew, cooking and gardening.

What makes you special and unique: I've been told that my compassion for others is what makes me unique. It is something that has always come natural for me and volunteering is one way I can apply it in my life.  This is why I have chosen HIV/AIDS Resources: Each One Reach Out To One as my platform; to ensure that my compassion it continually extended to others living with this disease.

Most valuable lesson learned: I have learned is that I should not allow myself to become complacent in life. I believe that there are always things to be learned and improved upon as an individual and within our surroundings; each day presents an opportunity for us to grow and share with others.