Miss Central South Texas: Geles-Ann Rodriguez

Title: Miss Central South Texas

Name: Geles-Ann Rodriguez

Hometown: Los Fresnos, Texas

Age: 18

Talent: Jazz Dance - "Fever"

Platorm Topic: Anti-Bullying and Pro-Voice

Sponsor: Miss Central South Texas/Texas Select Productions

Executive Director: Vicki Chrysler

Hobbies: Baking Cupcakes, creating unique T-Shirts and totes, and speaking with a British accent.

Most unexpected moment:  I have three sisters that mean the world to me. My sisters see  me at my worst and best and love me always. They know my smiles, my tears, my  thoughts.  It is in them that my life's diary is written. Yes, we may disagree, argue and fight (over the flat iron) at times, but in the end (a minute at the most) we are still the best of sisters. There are no words to express how much I love my sisters other to say that  it is them I cannot live without. 

Biggest accomplisment: The most unexpected moment that occurred this year was when I was recognized for giving a three-foot stuffed monkey I won as a prize to a special needs child.  It turned out the child took a heartfelt relation to the monkey and made positive communicational changes. It was at that unexpected moment that I realized I won the best prize ever… I made a difference in a child's life!